Hello my name is Ian Jenkins welcome to my online pages. I provide Independent Conciliation services for complex work-place issues. This service is face to face in-person at neutral venues. Arranged to suit your needs - special 10% discount for  Non-Profit NGA's and  Charities.  I accommodate Two party or Group dispute/issues; with informal faciliative Concilation sessions.  

I have 30 years experience in the delivery of informal conciliation sessions and formal structured Mediation hearings. Passionately Independent my ethos is truth and reconciliation wherever possible with empathy integrity and  compromise as key components.  As   an alternative  disputes resolution (ADR) Practitioner -  From experience I know there are fair settlements to be found in the majority of  cases. I will help you find them.  I am a qualified Conciliator Mediator  and Advocate, with advanced  DBS certification, and a substantial port-folio of work completed in civil and work-place dispute resolution.

 Call me for any civil dispute you cannot resolve alone whatever the issue,  for example:  WORK-PLACE individual or group staff personality issues, UNFAIR DISMISSAL, HARASSMENT HEARINGS - BUSINESS CONTRACT disputes, civil disputes with Local Authorities,  (LA's), SPECIAL EDUCATIONAL NEEDS  (SEND) disputes - and many others  All my complex-issue sessions are  face-to-face meetings, people meeting people, (with a shuttle option where necessary). The objective being to resolve differences and impasses, then agree on how to work better together from now on.

I work face to face when the issues are complex and/or long-standing this is so much  better in complex cases than "virtual" sessions, however online sessions do work for certain cases and I will provide them where appropriate on request, so don't let your resolve disolve! Please  contact me in the first instance at:  ianmediator@btinternet.com



Conciliation or Mediation solutions are so much better than going to a Tribunal; and it does not stop you going to a Tribunal later should you need to. Call me in strictest confidence for informal Conciliation or a structured  Mediation Hearing (ADR) request. Check out the different services I provide (including Advocacy) to accommodate your individual needs call me direct on 07720613905 

Need Pre-Mediation Coaching?

Knowing exactly what you are doing at any Mediation Meeting can make a huge difference to the outcome.

 A pre-medation consultation (up to 2 hours) with me now costs just  £300.00  per person we will discuss the issues you face and the best way for you to deal with them, either planning your strategy for a stand alone private settlement. Or to get you ready for any Mediation Hearing you are about to attend with a Public Body or Private  Company, for example a SEND Mediation session with the Local Authority (LA). Or a disciplinary meeting with your Employer/HR department. To start your enquiry drop me am email at ianmediator@btinternet.com