I provide Independent Mediation or Advocacy services face to face or on ZOOM. Time-slots can be arranged to suit your needs. Or if you are a  Business looking for an Independent Mediator or Advocate on a contract or ad-hoc basis please call now to discuss 6-12 month Contracts. 

Hi my name is Ian Jenkins a Mediator and Disputes Resolution Practitioner - There are dispute resolutions to be found in every case. I will help you find them.  I am a qualified highly experienced Mediator Conciliator and Advocate with advanced  DBS certification, and over three decades of dispute resolution and mediation-experience behind me. Call me for any dispute you have for example: SPECIAL EDUCATIONAL NEEDS  (SEND) disputes - WORK-PLACE AND UNFAIR DISMISSAL HEARINGS - BUSINESS CONTRACT disputes and CIVIL and NEIGHBOUR issues and many others.

If you have a need for a  freelance workplace independent "ad-hoc" Mediator. Or alternatively a Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) freelance self-employed Consultant/Mediator; including face to face or online (Teams Zoom)
Call me now (UK callers only) 07720613905 or email at: ianmediator@btinternet.com.



Conciliation or Mediation solutions are so much better than going to a Tribunal; and it does not stop you going to a Tribunal later should you need to. Call me in strictest confidence for a Mediation or Conciliation alternative dispute resolution (ADR) request. It really is a less stressful informal process. Check out the different services I provide (including Advocacy) to accommodate most disputes. Or call me direct on 07720613905 

Need Pre-Mediation Coaching?

Knowing exactly what you are doing at any Mediation Meeting can make a huge difference to the outcome.

 A pre-medation consultation (up to 2 hours) with me now costs £195.00 per person we can discuss the issues you face and the best way for you to deal with them, either as a stand alone private settlement between you, or to get you ready for any Mediation Meeting you are attending with a Public Body or Private  Company, for example a SEND Mediation session with the Local Authority (LA). Or a disciplinary meeting with your Employer/HR department. To start your enquiry drop me am email at ianmediator@btinternet.com



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