Whatever the issue between you and the other party/ies there will be a bridge Ian Jenkins is the insightful Conciliator who finds that bridge time and time again - Instant contact: 07720613905

Civil Cases

Many kinds of Civil-disputes can be settled by informal Conciliation or a structured Mediation Hearing as long as they do not involve alleged crime. Examples of disputes where Conciliation and Mediation is used are: Workplace disputes, Special Educational Needs (SEN) disputes. Neighbour disputes, small business contract disputes,  Non legal-aid Family disagreements, End of life care issues,  Separation and estate-distribution-disputes; whatever your issue there will be a "BRIDGE" the parties can cross to restore some peace in their lives. Ian has the experience to put all the right questions which are the foundation of Conciliation and Mediation success.


Less common disputes

Sometimes peopele find themselves drawn into issues they really do not fully understand creating increased anxiety and general upleasantness. This is an ideal time to  consult Ian Jenkins to receive highly experienced support in resolving the issues at hand. Examples of such issues

  • Disputed car-parking places
  • Neighbour - Property/Boundary Issues
  • Dispute with local sports facilities or LA
  • Parish Council (Clerk and Councillor disputes)

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Full Medition or Coaching?

Ian will give you 1-2 hours telephone or video  coaching session on how to conduct yourself at a mediation. What structure the meeting will take and how you can get the most out of it. If you are about to attend a very important Mediation or conciliation session, whether it be a work-place disciplinary, a small business dispute with a corporate contractor or a Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) dispute with your Local Authority; or any other dispute; a pre-mediation session with IAN JENKINS by phone could save you a lot of wasted time, help keep your anxiety under control and deliver the outcome you want. Price: £350.00 per persons (more complex cases needing more time will attract a higher rate). Phone for more details on 07720613905



Contact Ian

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