Recent testimonials
Conciliation/mediation sessions:
IT Company Director
July 2022 Thank you so much Ian I had no idea how different people's perceptions of each other can be miss-understood in the moment -  you explained exactly the things we all missed in our dialy communications, team spirit is restored and a bonus? our productivity has increased by 33% Really can't thank you enough Ian.!

February 2022
(1) National Pet Charity
"Thanks Ian for helping us re-open communication channels
A great weight has been lifted today and I feel we can move forward together"

(2): August 2021 - "Ian Jenkins was brilliant, he conducted the process properly got us straight to the point. He made us feel we were getting to a proper place for our child which is only what we ever wanted anyway. It was so much less stress than going to a Tribunal" 
(3): July  2021 -  "Hello would you mind passing this on to IAN JENKINS please. We have reached agreement with XXXXX for funding for £xxxxxxxxx which XXXXX are content to accept. The school and XXXXXX have agreed in principle by email and I expect the EHCP will now be amended. Please thank IAN since his input to the process was a tremendous help I have filled in the feedback form as well!

(4):June 2021 "I was nervous at the beginning but with the help information and support from the Mediator I felt at ease - He was very good and extremely fair (name received bur redacted)

"Ian used an informal approach to keep us relaxed it made a huge difference someone realised during our discussions that they had been in "passive aggressive mode" for some months without realising it, we were all able to re-visit targets and deadlines realistically; with some emotional apologies to set it off. Ian found us the Bridge he always told us it would be there for us to discover and we did!"
"Somehow Ian Jenkins got us talking again (two of us had hardly exchanged  more than a couple of words in six months). Ian showed us how we are collectively so much more as team-players than individuals working alone, thank you Ian for showing us how we had got lost in the mundane when exciting opportunities were staring us in the face"