Introducing Ian Jenkins
The Concilation & Mediation expert.

Whatever the issue between you and the other party/ies there will be a BRIDGE Ian Jenkins is the insightful Conciliator Advocate and Mediator who constantly finds that BRIDGE for people everywhere... time and time again


Civil Cases

Many kinds of civil disputes can be settled through a conciliation process thereby avoiding a stressful Tribunal as long as they do not involve alleged crime. Examples of disputes where  Conciliation is often used are: Company departmental staff disputes,  Neighbour disputes Small-Business partner disputes harassment at work disputes, Special Educational Needs & Disability (SEND) disputes. Business contract disputes, Family disagreements, End of life care issues,  Consumer dissatisfaction issues, Personal/Partner Separation or how to stay together. Estate distribution disputes. whatever your issue there will be a "BRIDGE" the parties can cross to restore some peace in their lives. To cross that bridge with Ian's help and experience at your disposal, contact him today. 



Informal Cases

Workplace Issues? A 4 hour session of informal  "Restorative Conciliation" at a neutral venue (Client to arrange and pay for the venue in advance). is best for departmental staff-disputes; Ian takes everyone concerned through a group session designed to resolve current differences and provide a Bridge to new ways of working and to ease built-up tensions;  leave your contact details then Ian will call or email you (in confidence) to get a greater understanding of your situation. Guidance fees: for these groups of 4,  sessions are charged at £2800 per 4 hour session,  Ian also provides back to back sessions (two sessions in one day, 4 parties in each at a cost of £6,500). Travel time (Ian's time on the road return journeys) charged at £60.00 per hour of total journey time. Overnight stay fee £120.00 per night. Fuel costs are currently 45p per mile. If you want more information or simply want to book a session please initially email Ian at providing a brief description of yourself, your organisation, the issues at stake and what you want to change; Note 6 parties per session can be provided in some cases at a cost of £3,500 per group of 6.



Ian provides 1-2 hours coaching in how to conduct yourself at mediation or ADR. What structure meetings take, how you get the most from it. If you are about to attend a very complex important Mediation or Dispute resolution session; whether work-place disciplinary, SME dispute with a corporate contractor Business dispute, Civil dispute; or  for Families it may be a Special Educational Needs (SEN) dispute. Whatever it is, a pre-meeting session with Ian could save wasted time, help reduce anxiety, and equipt you to handle the situation to your best advantage on the day: These  Sessions are provided by Ian by telephone or face to face at your premises. The price for this service is £350. per person for a  telephone or video consultation. sessions requiring more than 2 hours will cost more.

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